Invoice Automation( Different Invoice Format)

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I have different types of invoice receipts likes pdf, images but Invoice formats are different. I want to extract some details from different invoice formats. Kindly advise its possible to extract same details from different types of Invoice Receipts.

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Hi @BaskaranVenkatesan,

You can explore Abby cloud OCR or Abby flexicapture feature

While not fully realeased the Intelligient OCR and Machine Learning Capabilities that UiPath is working on may also be worth investigating.


Example workflow:

Hi , Am exploring the Intelligent OCR Activities and i have pdf docs with **Invoiceprocess Intelligent (703.5 KB) **
Here am selected 5 fields to extract from the pdf like Company Name, Invoice No, PAN, Client Name, Date.
So am getting Invoice No, Date, Company Name correctly from the docs . remaining fields are not coming. By using present Validation Station am able to get those fields also.
But i want to extract that remaining fields also by automatically.
here by am sharing my workflow.
can anyone kindly let me know where i did wrong

Thanks in advance

you can use Matches activity to extract specific details from PDF!

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Is that regex Based activity property?? @Pradeep_Shiv

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Kindly let me know how that property will help me and how to give the properties for the fields