Invoice automation

Hi Experts,

I am struck with an issue, Can you please help me.

From past several weeks, I am trying to automate my Invoice process but I am not able to do it…

Is there any other way other than AbbyFlex where I can automate my invoice process…

If so, please suggest some methods for my automation.

I have tried Google/Microsoft OCR, Anchor base, different kinds of API’s which is of free of cost, even tried asking question in UIPath Forum, but no luck…

So, if you know any method other than these, please suggest me.


I can’t make out anything for this, so share more details and what exactly the problem you are facing ?

Did you tried with Google Cloud OCR?

@kantheshm, Please provide more details on this issue.

Thank you for the replay @niteshn , @pathrudu , @skini76

I have tried all OCR even then i am facing issues…

Here i want to automate my invoice process…
My main aim is to fetch required data from the invoice and store it in excel sheet.

I am facing many issue with this,
Tried OCR to scrapes the data, but i am not getting Specific value for specified element.
Even i have tried anchor base,but no luck…

So in this kind of scenario what should i do.


what kind of issues you are facing ? Can post the invoice copy ? Without giving any details how can some one help you ?

Read the whole PDF and try with String Manipulation and regex. hope it will be help you