Data extraction from various invoices

I would like to extract few fields from invoices like Invoice#,Date,Total,Tax,Address(US address). I have tried with intelligent OCR, but unable to achieve this. Am I missing any thing? or don’t know any other way to perform this? Need the information to be extracted from 1000s of various invoice formats. Any help would be much appreciated.


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So you have tried intelligent ocr. May I know why it is not working for you? Are you getting any errors?

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hi @abalaji51521
could you please refer this , is your same issue and i have given a comment

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Thanks for the response. I have not received any errors. Due to ML extractor limitation I am not able to achieve this. I have invoices which will be more than 2 pages. Also more than 12000 invoices which was in 1000 different formats. Tried flexi capture with Abbyy. But dont have license for abbyy to implement the same.

Yes need flexi capture license and have to look into that I guess.

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