Automating OE Premium System Application using UiPath

Hi Uipath Gurus,

Have anyone had experience working with an application “OE Premium System” as shown below.
It looks like a AS400 terminal from first glance, but is not.


As expected using the indication (even with UI Explorer as well) unable to get a readout within the framework

To try with CV Vision, I believe it may not be efficient as it will be slow and the steps are heavily dependent on Arrow Keys, FN keys and get screen text (very similar to terminal concept)

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Hi @sashiraja.c,

I cannot find any references on the internet regarding OE premium. Can you share any other information regarding the terminal and how the connection is configured in the terminal?

Anyway, to me it looks like a unix-like system. So VT or ANSI type terminal, with Telnet or SSH as communication protocol might be an option.

As for retrieving the text from the OE terminal window what I would try is:

  • Get Text activity (UI automation)
  • Get Visible Text activity (UI automation)
  • Some way of getting the terminal content in the clipboard, some HotKey combination, perhaps a context menu item.

Then use string processing (split/substring) on the whole text to get to the values you require.

Hope this helps.

Hi @bogdan.gaspar

Thank you for your reply.
I did checked with user to get more details, here is what I obtained

  1. The program OE - in a OpenEdge Progress Software

  2. This framework already been use for more than 20 years

  3. On the network communication, the info i manage to get is how the program is launched:-
    C:\PROGRESS\OpenEdge\bin_progres.exe -pf C:\SST1\PREMIUMP.PF -TM 31 -TB 31 -Mr 15000 -l 8000 -basekey “INI” -ini C:\SST1\PROGRESS.INI

Config & Parameter files


-l 3000
-e 1000
-d dmy
-Mm 32600



  1. I did tried Get Text UI, the only text is able to extract was the Window Title “Premium Test”

It is probably very consistent in where things are positioned on the screens, much like a mainframe. So you should automate like a mainframe - keyboard commands, etc.

If you can’t get text from the screen then OCR may be your best bet.

Yup, i did thought of that
The objective of the process are to data entry and send keyboards an FN keys much like a mainframe. but unlike mainframe where you can specify the entry using coordinates, this doesn’t have any coordinates to begin with.
Also user tends to enter in various locations which pretty much complicated to pinpoint even we are able to use OCR to capture the content

Thanks for the details. The documentation confirms that it’s a unix-like system but the launch sequence does not provide any information on how the connection is made.

I would suggest to automate the OE screen with keystrokes, just like a human user would use the application.

For retrieving the data from the screen, I understand that you tested UI Get Text, but from personal experience, UI Get Visible Text works in cases when Get Text doesn’t.
If Get Visible Text does not work, there has to be a way to copy the data from the screen into the clipboard (a menu item or a hotkey combination). Then use the Get From Clipboard activity to retrieve the text.