Get text from Main frame Application

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get some text using Get Text Activity for Main frame application.

It’s giving me Null values for the Get Text Activity.

May I know how to extract data from Mainframes Windows Application.


Are you using the Get Text that’s in the App Integration/Terminals section of Activities?


What type of connection are you using? Are you using a third party client or just Direct Connection in your Terminal Session activity?


and I’m just using log in thru user name and password and I enter into that application .

Can u please guide the steps what I need to do .
Thanks in advance

You didn’t answer my questions.

Do you have UiPath.Terminal.Activities in your project dependencies? Are you using the terminal Get Text, not the regular Get Text?

I just installed Terminal Package and using get text from Terminals.

For my mainframe application I use username and password to log in and can enter into that application.

Now what I need to do .

Thanks in advance.


Have a view on this


Thanks and I’m going thru this,

may I know what information we need to get from the organization I order to get connection establishment.

Thanks in advance.

May I know which connection I need to establish.

Should it be direct or third party?


Direct Connection is simpler and much more reliable.

The Terminal Session wizard shows you what you need to know. Ask your mainframe admin.