Need help to extract data from Terminals using UIPath

I am trying to extract Adj formula below value and need to verify that is expected one or not. Can anyone let me know how to scrape that information…Waiting for response…Thanks!


try with computer vision activities, it should work


have you tried “Get Field” activity and set labeledby

HI ,
In addition to the jack chan reply , you can use “Get text” activity in terminal package.
when the field is empty and you use “Get field” activity , then sometime it gives error. while “get text” return empty string.

if you want to continuously interact with terminal at various point then better to create terminal connection and passing that connection variable at multiple place. in the end you can check close connection property of terminal session

Hi @sjetti

U can use the get screen area activity under terminal package to get the text from screen based in specific coordinates

Try that

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try this @sjetti

TestA.xaml (13.7 KB)


  1. get text activity to read whole screen to txt string variable

  2. get rowNumberOfHeader using foreach loop

  3. set rowNumber (integer variable) = rowNumberOfHeader + 1

  4. set columnNumber (integer) to =
    System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(txt,environment.NewLine)(rowNumberOfHeader-1).IndexOf("ADJ FORMULA")

  5. use get text at position activity, pass in rowNumber and columnNumber

sorry should be rowNumber on the left,
columnNumber on the right

That is NOT how you automate in mainframe. The Terminal Activities provide everything you need.

NO, you do not use regular activities for mainframe automation. In a mainframe that field is always going to be in the same position.

Use Get Text at Position to get the value and put it into a variable.