Terminal Session GET activities unable to get text from Mainframe Screen

A mainframe based process is being automated. As part of it, we need to GET text from one of the screens. GET(any) activity under TERMINAL SESSION fails to extract the text from screen, extracts partially. However, the text extraction is successful when the terminal session is closed and open it afresh just before GETting text. Any idea?

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Hi @vd1234,
Keep your get text activity inside the terminal session and try. I guess you have kept it outside the terminal session.
If it is not the case then attaching the workflow will be appreciated,


Hi jibanjyoti,

Connected the terminal session through IBM EHLLAPI, when i am trying to use get text activity to get the whole text from the screen.

I am not getting all the text, some text is missing.

Can you please suggest, as i am stuck.

Any comments will be very helpful.

Ronak Garg

Hi @ronak_94,

Just for confirmation, are you using the Get Text activity under the Terminals Section?
Generally this should be perfect to extract text from the entire terminal screen.

Try to disconnect the session and try again. You can check it in a different screen of terminal, just for testing also.


Thanks jibanjyoti for the response.

I am using it inside the terminal session only, & I have checked on other screens as well,
some text is missing of 1&2nd rows.

I will try disconnecting the session & try again.

FYI:- Get text is working absolutely fine when using with UIPath internal Provider.


Hi Team,

I am not able to get whole text from the terminal screen(TN3270), connecting through IBM EHLLAPI as Provider.

There are specific rows which I am not able to fetch.
Working on Micro Focus Rumba Provider. Do I need to make any change in settings of the terminal.

Please suggest, @ovi


Hi @ronak_94,

If you’re getting the whole screen, try using Screen Scrape from the top bar of UiPath, should return you a big string of the entire string.

You can press F3 while screen scraping to select just a portion of it.

Hope this helps

Hi @cornel,

Thank you so much for your response.

I tried by your suggestion of Screen Scraping, but I am not able to get any text through Native & Full Text. I am getting the text through OCR which is not the most recommended one & as well through OCR some of the character value is getting changed.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestion.

Ronak Garg

No, we don’t want OCR.

Can you try to change the font in the Terminal to something more mainstream (like Courier New) and see if that helps Screen Scrape in any way?

Also, there should be about 3 different methods of getting input. When Screen Scraping, press F4 to switch to AA, see if that works, and then try UIA as well.

The ultimate last resort would be to get the data through Clipboard.

Rumba should have a Print screen ( looking here: https://www.microfocus.com/documentation/rumba/desktop951/RumbaSystemAdminGuide/GUID-2B3EC821-B971-458C-8C4D-31EA6971DF7F.html ) that has Clipboard option and then you can use the Get From Clipboard activity in the workflow to get it as String.

Hi @cornel,

Thank you so much for your suggestions.

  1. The suggestion of changing the font to mainstream one & changing the input methods from default, AA, UIA didnt work. Its all coming blank with Full Text & Native. whereas working with OCR.

  2. The Get from Clipboard activity is working absolutely fine, but for the same, I have to add 2-3 steps for every iteration on mainframe screen.
    However, it seems, that is the only feasible solution.

Thanks Cornel,


Sorry can’t do more without a screen sharing, it’s a bit odd what’s going on.

For the 2-3 steps, you could try to make a reusable component specific for getting data through Clipboard in Rumba.

You’d just build a tiny workflow, compile it as a nupkg and re-use it as a single activity:

I hope I find some time and come back with an Example for some other terminal (don’t have Rumba)

Sure @cornel, will try to do the same.

This issue has been raised earlier as well,
Please find the link for the same:-


maybe this activity can help you , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6CiIy9wy5A

We can also follow these to achieve the same result of “Get Text” terminal activity:
Step 1:Activate Terminal window
Step 2:Send Hotkey ctrl+a -> ctrl+c
Step 3: Use “Get From Clipboard” activity to get entire terminal screen message.
Hope this solution helps