Automate a (java) login screen which doesn't have a login button

HI there,

We use a program called Anva. It starts with a username and password screen and normally after entering user + password you press enter or tab to actually login. There is no button on the screen.

However, a [k(tab)] or [t(enter)] does not work, it empties the password field. I tried all options, like first enter password and then username but still I cannot use tab or enter to login. While doing the same thing manually it works fine.

When I use screen recording, is records the capturing of name and password but not the enter or tab.

Any suggestions?

Hi edward.hulleman,
make a trial that after entering your password…
just use send hotkey (with enter key)…
i think i may work out…

Hello @jagadeesh9, I just saw your reply and it works!
Sending a hotkey did the trick.
Thank you very much.

Hi @edward.hulleman,

In order to send hotkeys we have two options in UiPath Studio Activity list.

  1. Use “Type Into” activity and clicking on the + icon next to text box you can pass hotkeys.
  2. Use “Send Hotkey” and select the options you want to pass.

Note: Do not use the “simulate type” option(un-check in properties if checked) while using hotkeys within type into activity.

Hello @jibanjyoti, with the Type Into + Hotkey it did not work, but the Type Into + Send Hotkey the login was successful.

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Actually I might have been lucky that time I tested it last week, because now I do have the same issue again. It just doesn’t accept the ‘enter’, even not when send as a Send Hotkey action.

Another key that works in real life is F9, but that too does nothing when UiPath sends it.

UiPath opens the screen and enters name and password and then nothing.
When I manually click on Enter, Tab or F9 it continues.
Quite frustrating :confused: