Facing an issue login functionality

I am new to UIpath facing an issue in simple login functionality application able to invoke the browser adding username and password but when I am clicking on Sign in application close instead of showing me the home page. Can you please guide me on this

Hi @sana.nadeem2

Use Open browser activity to Open the Url you need

Use Type Into for typing User name and Password and after entering password

Use K[enter] Hot key from the type into activity!


I am able to execute test case till password but when I am clicking on Sign in the application close


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May be instead of a separate click activity in TYPE INTO activity itself let’s include a hot key like enter key press

Mention like this in type into activity


And make sure simulate type is disabled and enable sendwindow message property

Cheers @sana.nadeem2

Hi @sana.nadeem2

Use the selector Indicating the signin and use the aaname or inner text attributes from the ui explorer !

Or use the drop down button on the right corner of the type in activity and choose enter.


Now able to see it pass through login page but before loading home page it went back to login again …can you please elaborate more on enable send window message property?

  • SendWindowMessages - If selected, the type is executed by sending a specific message to the target application. This input method can work in the background, is compatible with most desktop apps, but it is not the fastest of the methods. By default, this check box is not selected. If neither this nor the SimulateType check boxes are selected, the default method simulates the keystrokes by using the hardware driver. The default method is the slowest, it cannot work in the background, but it is compatible with all desktop apps.

And for this

Try disabling send window message as well

Cheers @sana.nadeem2

disabled its still taking back to login here are my properties setup


We have already used enter key so it won’t require that final
CLICK activity
So remove that click activity and have till type into activity

It’s like how we type the password and click on enter key to login

It’s same as that

Cheers @sana.nadeem2

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