UiPath is not recording type into activity(may be)

Hi All,

I am automation a process using chrome browser and the login button is not getting enabled after entering username and password. To me, it looks like the uipath may not be recording the type into activity for username or password and so the login button is not getting enabled. Did anyone face such issues?



If we are using any browser other than Internet Explorer then we need to install browser extension. And then only UiPath can recognise individual elements.

Did you install chrome extension ? If not please install it and then try once.

As a simple work around once after typing password use a SEND HOT KEY with key as enter which does the same as clicking on log in button


With the TYPE INTO activity where we mention the password use a string like this

“Your password”+”[k(enter)]” and enable Send window message property instead of simulate type property
That would work either in the same way

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Krithi1


You can check as below

Whenever you enter the username, Password try to inspect the button whether it is enabled or not

use Get Attribute Check if it is active state or not using if condition you can check whether it is enabled or disabled

Hope this may help you



After typed password just use focus on User name box using set focus activity. Login button will be highlight.

Were we able to mention this along type into activity and is it working for your application


@Palaniyappan - Thank you, it’s working.

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