Enter Hotkey not working

I am typing in a search field in a browser and I then need to press enter. I used to use the Hotkey for enter to do this - it’s now not working. I am using a 2019 version of the studio but I would like to believe this is not why I’m having problems.

The code doesn’t error out, instead it wipes out what was typed in - in the step before.

Any help will be appreciated.


give a try on combining entering text and enter like below:


U could click a button which will be next to text field after typing completes.


Still have a problem - I really can’t understand why the hot key won’t take. I navigate a software safely using the tab and enter buttons.

so I’m using a variable truing it to string first. So what would be the syntax ? X.ToString+[k(enter)] ? X.ToString[k/(enter)] ?

This however will not push the search. What would have been typed will remain static on the browser.

give a try on
X.ToString & “[k(enter)]”


Can u please share screenshot of page in which u want to search ?


this erases what Has just been typed. Thanks.

it’s a work item - unfortunately, i can’t share the screen.

is there any autocomplete configured to this field? If yes then the enter maybe select no value suggestion from autocomplete


When i fill up the report i want to run and use the enter hot key or “[k/(enter)]” - it deletes the content instead of going to search for the report

hope this was a copy paste typo as we do need [ instead of /

The question on field existing field functionalities e.g. autosuggest remains still open

Did you check if you have ticked click before typing and simulate typing in properties of Type into?

Thank you all. I used a combination of your suggestions and now I no longer have an issue with that section of the code.