Auto healing feature by getting all possible reliable selectors


To overcome the selector’s issues in the UiPath automation, how good it will be if an auto-healing feature can be added up. For example, if we are recording a button, the recorder should fetch all the reliable selectors for that button. During execution, it should try to auto-heal the selector issue by simultaneously choosing the list of selectors already collected.

These kinds of features are available in the Katalon recorder, which helps to minimize execution failures. I hope if UiPath can implement the same thing, it will increase the stability of the automation.

It is a cool suggestion @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I believe it is already implemented, to some extend via the selector / fuzzy selector / image recognition and then anchors on top of that.

But I saved your feedback for our team to consider in case it gives them some new ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks @loginerror:grinning:

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan the auto-healing feature is already in the product, and it’s called Unified Target. It uses a fuzzy selector to dynamically determine the target. In case it finds more than one target element, it uses the anchor to choose the proper one.

@gheorghestan ,

I hope this approach is again based on the anchor to identify the similar kind of elements in the page. But is there a current functionality to get all the reliable selectors. for example if we are considering a button, we can identify it using full xpath,css selector, ID, name etc… So incase if full xpath fails , it should auto try with ID…again if it fails it should try with name…like so.

The fuzzy selector covers this requirement. It’s not based on XPath, but rather on the UiPath proprietary DOM search algorithm. The search based on attributes, as you described, is already built in and checks all the relevant selectors. If multiple matches are found, it uses the anchors to target the right element.

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