Highly unstable selectors for a web-app through IE11

Scenario: Selectors used for a button click, or get text activity from a web-app suddenly stops working after working as expected for hours. Wild cards are used for the title. Browser used is IE11.

Steps to reproduce:

Current Behavior:

Expected Behavior:

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2018.2.

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Hi @Sadhyo

Does it stop working altogether for a longer time or will it start to work normally right after restarting the process?

From my experience, there are occasional hiccups on both UiPath part and the website part that can sometimes cause a selector to not be properly recognized.

If it happens for one particular selector, you can try wrapping the activity with a try-catch routine that will retry it if it fails.
You can also implement your process within the ReFramework to make the process more robust against situations like this.

Hi @loginerror

There isn’t any pattern in the occurrence of this issue. There are 4 xaml files in this package, which gets called for one transaction. Likewise we’ve hundreds of transactions. The issue happens mostly in the third xaml file in a click activity, for let’s say 51st transaction…but the same xaml file was working for the previous 50 transaction for the same element…

The selectors are all the same… and on deeper investigation, I included a dynamic selector from the properties panel…which worked for say 3 days flawlessly… and again from yesterday started showing the same UiElement not found/no more valid error.

Also, even if the entire code and package works end - end in one environment, it wouldn’t in another environment(VDI machine) as in, it wouldn’t click on a button, for which there wasn’t any issue in env1. Strange as it sounds…:slight_smile:

Happy to respond…