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i want to automate text input on a search bar. Both an anchor and a Web Recorder isnt reliable, often it comes to exceptions related to its selectors and other buttons are used or nothing happens. Im not very experienced in UiPath, in which way are those things good to tackle? Could a deep investigation of the selectors parents be the solution?

Would be pleased about some help!

@odawan Use Attach browser activity and inside it try to use type into/set text activity.

hi @Odawan,

For the not working selector - You can use the repair option.Ui Path will generate a dynamic selector automatically.

image .

If Repair also is not working, have at Below Link


@ mukeshkala

I know these buttons, but when it comes to an error, they are still green. The search bar is the first element in the workflow. Repair and indicate element functions couldnt help. Sometimes they even were grey, but i think that was the browser or sth. I restarted all and reinstalled the UiPath extension. Then it was green again.
I think there are also some other buttons that dont work correctly with the same problem, but more rarely. Without some anchors that i use, it was worse.

It is a website with a background (and the search bar) on that you can work and in order to additional views a second window appears over the background. On this window i would also make a bot to press some buttons and read data. Are those windows much more difficult to automate?

Thats what the web recorder does and i tried at first. It was less reliable and so i used the anchor instead. In the log file is only a “Anchor Base Faulted”.


Is it possible for you to share the URL / Screenshot of the Page?

Also, have you tried navigating to the input field using HotKeys - If you are able to navigate to the field using hotkey- you can use a type into activity, once the input field is high lighted.

Last resort would be to use Image Automation.




What I understand is that the application in on RDP and selectors are not reliable.

Request you to have a look at the below video and let me know it was helpful …