Is there any way selectors can be self healing or auto repair?


Is there any way selectors can be self healing or auto repair?


Can you explain little bit more in details?

If there is any change required in identified selector then it should be auto repair and identify the element/object.

Yes @patil.rc… If there is any update or changes of the item in the UI level… eg: If you have used Id in your selector… if it is changed in the UI after any update or something…then we need to change … if the ID is being handled well with proper * and ? wherever is needed … which does not have any impact on the process…

@Sweety_Girl - I know very well, we can handle the selectors by using * and ?. but here I’m looking for auto repair capability without human intervention any AI capability and whenever process get execute it should not be failed due to selector not found or selector not identified issue.

You may aware about it tweaking the selectors are very challenging sometime and specially when we have different Development, Testing and Production environments

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Hi @patil.rc,

I don’t think there is currently an auto-repair feature on any selectors, unfortunately. It would be a cool feature to have though!

You could make your selectors as basic as possible, as @Sweety_Girl was suggesting, by using wildcards, or using aaname and keeping just the name/whatever else identifers that don’t change.

Typically when moving from a development environment to a live environment the titles will change (from what I’ve seen in the past), so look at the attach window/application scope selectors and wildcard any word/number identifiers unique to an environment.

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@william.coulson :- Yes, So far we are using multiple attribute to tweaking the selectors make it stabilise. If there is no such option then UiPath have to think about it auto-repair/Self healing of the sectors. This will really help a lot to avoid the issues.

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Hey @patil.rc,

You can always suggest something like this to the User Voice section of UiPath, for Studio. Then UiPath staff will take a look at it!


@william.coulson :- Thank you for the sharing the link.

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