Attended Vs Unattended UiAutomation

I am seeing Unattended processes fail more often on than Attended. I can run a process as Attended and it runs without any issues, but then I will run as unattended and it will fail. Is there something that I need to do differently when designing/building a process to run as Unattended? Just seems odd that the same process runs fine as attended but fails (sometimes) as Unattended.

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@PWilliams Unattended Automation is the one which runs without any human intervention meaning, it runs after the user log out from the server

  • Coming to your point, most unattended automation fails, since the tool might not able to identify elements properly as it did in attended

  • To avoid this, you don’t need to do separate coding, just you make sure you have to enable few properties of the activity where the bot was failing

Note : To run the bot in unattended automation, you need to buy unattended license, then it will work


  1. May I know what activities are getting failed here ?

  2. Did you enable SimulateType or SendWindowMessage properties to that failed activities ?

  3. Are you using any Image activities in your process ?

Hey @PWilliams

If you can post specific error message will be great to troubleshoot.


@lakshman and @Nithinkrishna,

The activities vary but typically interacting with UIElements on the screen. This one was an Attach Window activity and also a Element Exists activity. One thing I did notice is the screen resolution being very small. I develop the bots and run on 1920X1080. However, when the bot runs as unattended its using a much small resolution. Should I set the resolution for the unattended bots to use 1920x1080 resolution?

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Yes you can set the resolution under Robot settings page in Orchestrator. Please set the resolution as per your development machine and then check once.


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