Automation failing due to screenresolution - Attended bot

Hi All, Automation works in my terminal whereas my team members with screen resolution smaller bot failed error is out of screen bound. i didnt use any dynamic values i used proper selectors for all but i have hot key for pagedown and end key it causing that. they executed second time failed also couldnt find uielement corresponding the value aaname “yes” .

it is an attended bot.

how to cater this scenario please.

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Hi @Sathish_Ashokan ,

Could you let us know if it is to be run as unattended ? If so, you should be able to set the resolution for your Robot in Orchestrator to the same values as that of your development machines.

Would suggest to keep all the Resolution of your system and the one where you would want to deploy to the same scaling/resolution so that there wouldn’t be any incompatibilities.

Check the below docs :

If you are using an unattended robot, you can make settings in Orchestrator here: