Attended Robot- Named user activation

I’ve license key for attended robot- named user. I’ve activated studio. But i’m not sure how to activate robot.

Did we refer this document

Cheers @nibir08

I tried to use cmd to activate license
but it’s not working

Kindly try from orchestrator

So here I’ve to download the orchestrator file to work but not in web orchestrator?

Yah orchestrator means the web application only
Kindly follow those steps to allocate a robot
Cheers @nibir08

I didn’t find any license key field as instructed in the documentation.

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Are we referring to this link

Because this is what is suggested in the above document to active a robot license from orchestrator

And may I know what was the issue or any error if any we were facing In using cmd way of activating

Cheers @nibir08

It is solved now. I think the problem was with windows firewall

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