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I am writing a “quick start” guide for my project (I’m the analyst). We are not connected to an Orchestrator and do not plan to for a few months. The RPA developer has a UiPath Studio - Named license installed on his desktop and has prepared an automation for a process owner.

We have 5 UiPath Attended Robot Named User Licenses and I want to write a simple guide for the process owner to activate 1 of the attended robot licenses on their machine to run the automation. I can’t figure out how to do this without having a studio license already activated - the process owner will not have a studio license.

Can someone please help me understand how to active and run an attended robot on my process owners desktop without activating a studio license on their machine?

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@emily.blythe, welcome to our community!

If you do not have or intent to use orchestrator, you don’t need an attended robot license. All you need to do is, publish the package to your local computer. Then create a batch file to run the nupkg file. Whenever you want to run the bot, just run that batch file.

Hope this helps.

Hi @emily.blythe
You already having 5 attended licenses as you mention.
So that most probably you will receive licenses key.

You can run the uipath setup and you have feacher to install only robot,
Through that you can install the robot without studio
And you can licenses each of your attended robot