Assistant not taking transactions

when i debug the same process in studio it take transactions to process but when i run same process from assistant it doesn’t pick transaction to process why?

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Hello @pravin_bindage

Can you give more clarity to your issue?

Are you talking about the transactions from any queue?


Hi @pravin_bindage and @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

This happens when the Get queue item / Get transaction item does not have the correct orchestrator folder path.

When you run via studio you have the correct folder mentioned. (It defaults to the chosen folder within studio even though you have not mentioned the orchestrator folder path in the activities properties)

But when the automation runs from assistant the orchestrator folder path is null and therefore it does not know which queue to get transaction items from.

Solution is to mention your folder path before you publish your project to orchestrator. This means that it will be hardcoded or set as an argument and passed within the automation.

Misc option Folder Path:

My view is that this should not be misc option, this needs to be a mandatory option if the newer versions of activities need a default folder path. But that’s some future improvement potential.

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