Could not get transaction item

hi guys,

my automation is built in REFramework using orchestrator queue as data source. but it runs to get transaction item and gives below error:
Could not retrieve transaction item. Exception message: Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code: 1100

from below screenshot, by using immediate panel during debugging model, it can get the correct orchestrator queue folder and queue name but it cannot get the queue items.

Hi @haiyan.he

Make sure your studio is linked to the configured folder.


hi @haiyan.he

Are you connected to the correct Orchestrator?
IF so…
Can you check if there’s a text written in Orchestrator Folder Path Property in the activity?
If not while running from Orchestrator can you check on the bottom right corner and select YourName’s workspace


Happy Automation :smiley:

yes, it’s connected to my own folder.

when we are on the same folder connected we can ommit the folder path
however we do see:

so trim it: in_Config("…).toString.Trim

and note:


You can remove the property values from the Orchestrator Folder Path, and it would be good to go.
Set Orchestrator Folder Path to Empty


Try to check Get Transaction Item in another test workflow like this to check if you have right access.

Get Queue Item

If this works then it’s your config file not properly configured. Check for extra spaces and newlines in the values of Orchestrator settings.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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