Transaction items not getting pick

When i start running process from assistant Transaction items not getting pick it shows transaction item count 0 & the same process when i run from studio it runs successfully all transaction from list.
I’m using data table instead of orchestrator queue.

Could you help me?
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Can you show the flow where you are trying to pick up the items…and where is the file that contains trnasactions is placed?

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here is my whole process

Summery of process → In this process i’m removing some blacklisted file from specified dictionary. The Blacklisted files details are saved in config file.


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Sorry, i’m not getting what you say

Hello @pravin_bindage

Can you just explain your use case?? Are you getting the data from some files??


In this process we have one excel file contains a list of names of blacklisted customers &we have some files labeled as a names of customers. The task is remove blacklisted file from specified dictionary.

I also attached my process file here if u have time then please look at it.

If you are using arguments then please check passing of that