Assignment1 Check Wrong Credential

hi guys, before I submit my assignment 1, I forgot that I skipped the part in checking for correct credentials supplied. Now that I am adding it, I can’t seem to get it work (requirement in the PDD, so need to include it).

I have tried several options of getting the ‘Dashboard’, as image or text but no luck. it is supposed to be a simple check but seems to be tricky.

can you help me understand what I might be missing on this part? thanks again.

You can use Element Exists for DashBoard.

Before Element Exists Activity, Add a Delay for 5 seconds. So Element Exists Works as expected.

Karthik Byggari

hi Karthik, that’s what I tried first since that’s the one in the steps, but somehow, it’s not working. I assigned it value to a Boolean but no luck, can you take a look at my workflow and tell me what is not right here? thanks.

System1_Login.xaml (15.3 KB)

I am asking you to place Delay Activity after Login button is clicked.
In your workflow I don’t see any delay activity after Login button is clicked.
Please check.

Karthik Byggari

ok sorry, I forgot that, but still after adding that, it’s not working, it is not even clicking the ‘ok’ button on the message for wrong credentials. the UIElements for my ‘Dashboard’ and the OK message don’t seem to be correct either. If I try to open Selector, it asks me to attach it to a Live element, and if I do that I am getting UIElement is no longer valid message too. Anything I should check?

Are you doing something like this -


According to Assignment 1 PDD


hi Prankur, yes similar to that one, but can’t get it right.

What is the error can you please attache this particular workflow

here is the workflow, the thing is I can’t get it to identify that the ‘Dashboard’ is loaded, after ‘Login’ button was clicked (I change make the password incorrect), it will pop the message for wrong credentials but won’t process the invoked send mail as well as click the ‘ok’ for the message.

System1_Login.xaml (15.3 KB)

any suggestion guys? thanks.

Yes, your find element should have aaname=“Dashboard”.
It was generic and thus it was returning true as Account Login also is of same element type.

System1_Login.xaml (15.3 KB)


Thank you Nadim, I was able to fix this yesternight and passed the assignment1 already. :slight_smile:
on to Assignment2 now so I’m not done asking you good people a few more questions hahaha!

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Great :smiley:

Then i suggest you to close this thread :slight_smile:

I am not sure why making the click activity for the wrong credential message is not working when created directly within my workflow.

as a workaround i created a separate workflow, tested that it will click OK in the message it worked, i then copied it in my Login.xaml.

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