Issue With System1_CreateYearlyReport Advance Level 3 Training

Hai Guys,

I’m Stucked with System1_CreateYearlyReport Workflow im trying to rectify the error more than 1week but i’m unable to do it,

The Error is after download monthly report the Read csv Activity showing error that the downloaded file was not found i tried all the ways but im unable to identity the mistake.,

Anybody Plz help me out of this.,

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (24.7 KB)

Provide some delay after downloading the report and check @Aravind

@sreekanthI did the same also bro but while we using delay activity the element exists for download is not working bro could you please find my XAML file.,


I rectified the issue with skipped element exists for download notification and used delay activity before read csv file working fine now :relieved::relieved: