Level 3 Hash assigment Stuck at Throw Incorrect credentials

Okay i managed to create and send the correct credential via Orchestrator now its asking me to create an IF sequence but i dunno where !? Could somebody help me? this guide is very confusing

the next step of the guide is to create an IF ( it has a condition of “NotLogingSuccesFul” i am not sure if thats a var or not)

inside the THEN it has another sequence, a Invoke but i dunno wich one and a Click okay button i assume its the one button when the email and password are wrong and you just cant login, then a Throw INcorrect Credential, i have no idea whats going on please help!

Basically you are checking for the login success or not. If my understanding is correct . after entering the email and password you have to check whether login is success or not. If any pop up or message occur stating Logging not successful then that should be captured using Element exists and it returns Boolean which is NotLogingSuccesFul. After that u gotta check the condition. If it is not correct , you have to throw an exception stating InCorrect Credential in throw activity.



I think i get it but still i dont understand where the Invoke “Commom\SendEmail.xaml” Comes from ! Also do i need to create a diferente sequence/workflow .xaml for this part? i am still i bit confused but you did clear up some stuff, any way you could help me out a bit more?

I believe if the credentials is not correct you gotta send Email stating the exception. may be in order to maintain the modularity they have kept a separate workflow for sendEmail. If sendEmail.xaml has been already present , you can double click and pass the values as an argument and use those in email activity.


Mhm…no still a bit confused

can you share a screenshot of the part on which you are confused .?

Of course as far from what i am confused is this

Do i need to create a new work flow for the wrong credential email send?
the if part do i need to continue it in the same sequence from the login sequence?

Say in our case we have found incorrect credentials, so pop occurs . The bot enters into the then part of if condition . In that you gotta send Exception email. so you have to use Invoke workfow activity naming SendEmail (that name is what they have mentioned as Commom\SendEmail.xaml) . so it will be created as XAML. In that use Send Outlook or Send exchange activity to send the email stating that the credentials are wrong. So after sending the email the bot comes out of SendEmail XAML and clicks ok to close the pop. then it will trow an exception to the system stating Incorrect credentials . Hope it cleared your doubt.


I dont get the last part, " then it will trow an exception to the system stating Incorrect credentials . Hope it cleared your doubt."

What do i even need to set up there? this guide its getting me lost so quick

Hi @Leonardo_Diaz, did you solve your issue? I have problems understanding this part as well.

When I run, I get the error message “Exception in Throw activity ‘Throw Incorrect Credentials’ cannor be null” .

I have created a variable (haven’t figured whether it should be of type Exception or BusinessException yet), but I don’t know what to set this value to.


I think I solved the problem. Using type BusinessRuleException and assigning the value
new BusinessRuleException(in_Config(“LogMessage_BusinessRuleException”).ToString) works!



Malin… I’m having the same issue with the throw exception.I would appreciate your help… Where is the logic for the business rule exceptions supposed to go

new Exception(“Invalid Credentials”)