Level 3 Assigment ( I cant get pass the login, please help)

I have no idea what to do next i dont understand the guide clearly ! PLease someone could tell me what to do ? i really dont get whats going on! here is where i am stuck on!

Hi Leonardo

Which bit are you having trouble with?

Essentially, you are confirming the login was successful by trying to find an element in the dashboard page which is displayed after logging in. If there is a problem and that page does not display then you would send an exception email and throw an exception in the framework.

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InitAllApplications.xaml (16.2 KB)
LogIntoSystem.xaml (19.3 KB)

Hi, I get your issue. I did a slightly different implementation, instead of waiting for dashboard to appear, I look for the quarantine sign that appears after invalid login. Attaching my workflows, maybe they help you.

the issue is that i dont know how to do that! Yeah i try to follow the guide but for example where does SendEmail.xaml comes from? Do i need to create it myself? what is NotLoginSuccesful, assuming that its inside of a Condition is a boolean var but i dunno where to place all of this, in the same sequence of login? do i need to create a new one? i need step by step help ! and i know it sound dumb but i just dont understand this guide

what is a Throw Incorret credentials? whats a Throw what do i need to put inside of it i am so confused , i really like this technology but this giude its not helping me out

some rough steps to help you:

  1. Check if the dashboard exists (returns a Boolean value)
  2. If that Boolean value is false, invoke a workflow to send the exception email (you will need to create this separately)
  3. Use a throw activity to throw the exception

Remember you can use F1 in studio when you have an activity highlighted to see all information about it’s usage and parameters