Error in Read Csv file in Generate Yearly Report assignment

Hi All,
Am working on “Generate Yearly Report”, as per the scenario, i have download the report for Vendor ID for each month and created a path using path.combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, in_Report_Path,“Report-”+“in_Year”+"-"+month+".csv") i.e. in_Report_Path contains “Data\DownloadReport” folder name in config file; method using Environment.Directory.
When tried reading the csv file using “Read CSV” activity, it is repeatedly throwing an error as “Path file can’t found”.
Question: Do we need any specific package to read csv or Environment. Can you please help me.

Hi @VenkatDurbha,
I had the same problem as you. I just added 2 seconds of delay before reading csv file. Seems that activity is so fast that it’s trying to read the file before it’s fully saved :wink:


oh…thank you so much :slight_smile: i will try today. I was trying whole day but couldn’t debug the solution. :stuck_out_tongue:


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