Read CSV: Could not find file 'path to csv file'


The error states could not find the file but file does exist:
Read CSV: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\xxx\UiPath\Assignment2_GenerateYearlyReportPerformer\Data\Temp\Report-RU567434-2018-January.csv’

Invoke System1_Create Yearly Report workflow: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\xxx\UiPath\Assignment2_GenerateYearlyReportPerformer\Data\Temp\Report-RU567434-2018-January.csv’.

System exception.Could not find file ‘C:\Users\xxx\UiPath\Assignment2_GenerateYearlyReportPerformer\Data\Temp\Report-RO874232-2018-March.csv’. at Source: Invoke System1_Create Yearly Report workflow: Read CSV

The problem is these activities are executed slightly before the file gets saved. How to overcome this without impacting the performance?

Thank you!!

Hi @ashoka187

Are you able to find the file manually use path exists activity and check


You can use a path exists and a while loop to wait for the file to be fully saved. The robot will loop until the file finishes saving and then it will find it and you can continue from there.

Hi Ashwin,

Yes it does exists; except that the file gets saved (fraction of second) after that particular activity is executed…

Hi Daniel,

I implemented in a little different way; PFB the screen… So after the while loop read csv is executed:

Do you suggest any faster solution or is this the perfect?

It can be even simpler:

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