Task 2 - Annual Report - CSV Read Activity Cannot Find File

Hey guys! So I was able to download the monthly file and save it but I am getting the following error:
Read CSV: Could not find file 'C: \ Users \ Student \ Documents \ UiPath \ Generate.Yearly.Report.Dispatcher.Performer \ Data \ Temp \ Report-RO094782-2018-January.csv '.

Hello Breno,

Is that the exact error you’re getting? Because if it is, you may have written the path with all of the spaces, however your system is going to interpret that as though all of those folders and files have spaces in the names. It should instead be written: C:\Users\Student\Documents\UiPath\Generate.Yearly.Report.Dispatcher.Performer\Data\Temp\Report-RO094782-2018-January.csv

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Excuse me! The error is not with the spaces.

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