Assignment 2: Popup for saving report is not displayed in CreateYearlyReport.xaml, while running Performer workflow

I am creating Performer workflow for Advanced RPA Developer Assignment 2. I am facing issue while running the Performer workflow, as it gets stuck on CreateYearly Report.xaml.

When I run the CreateYearlyReport.xaml only with value for TaxID and Year already entered , it downloads the Monthly Reports as expected for year 2019.It also works when I run the Performer workflow with value for TaxID and Year already entered.

But it fails, when I Run the Performer Workflow removing the fixed values for TaxID and Year. It always shows “No Report Found” pop up for all the months for the TaxID, though it worked as mentioned above with fixed values entered. It never shows the pop up “Do you want to open or save Report from ACME…?” with combo for Saving the Report, even if the report is available. Also when i manually tried for the same TaxID and Month, the report was downloaded.

Please note that I have tried resolving this following the below mentioned steps, but it is not working for me:

  1. Rebooted the Laptop.
  2. Using IE 11 and pop up for Downloading is enabled.
  3. Orchestrator Service is enabled.
  4. Robot is connected and Licensed.

I am really not understanding why it works when the xaml is run individually, but doesn’t work when the workflow is run without fixed values entered.

Please Help me out, I have almost completed Assignment 2, but stuck at this step.

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Hello @amita.gawande, please upload your complete assignment here so that I may have a look at your workflows.
If it’s working per individual workflow execution then there could be a problem in the either the arguments being passed between invoked workflows, or the Process transaction sequence. But it would be better if I got a look at your entire assignment first.

Cheers! :vulcan_salute:

Hey BenMar,
Thank you for replying.

The issue is resolved. It was occurring, as I had not properly extracted the TaxID in ExtractVendorInformation.xaml. Because of this while running the workflow the TaxIDs were entered in the CreateYearlyReport page with a space in the front. Hence for that TaxID it was not getting the reports to download.

Thanks and Regards,

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