Assignment2 -Error Create Yearly Report.. only for [RUN]

I am tring to solve assignment2 Performer.
It does not run propery. It goes to [AllAppricationClose] flow somehow. however, if I do debug, it runs correctry.

I need your help! Thank you!

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (35.9 KB)

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Kindly unintall and reinstall the uipath studio and try once

Cheers @keny

I didn’t check your xaml but I’ll ask you some questions.

When you run main file you said it goes end process state right?
Does it enter get transaction data or pass it?

I did so several times, but it gives error again and again…

Yes, you are right.
When it goes the workflow [Create Yearly Report], it select “January”, and did download. However, Robot click “logout” Button just after Downloaded “January” report…

And more strange, it sometimes download “February”… and “March”… (If no file exist, it skip as it is supposed run correctly), BUT not keep doing till “December”. It goes “logout” page in the middle of the year. This I don’t really understand why…

If i run process as Debug mode, it goes form January to March (whole year).

Please have a look my xaml file and help this out… Thank you !

Your studio version is different from me i guess can’t look your xaml.

Just check your activities selectors. Please repair every of them. Robot tries January and it founds it. Then it try for February but guess what it can’t indicate some of your activities. So it close the application and open up again.

Probably repairing activities selectors will solve your problem. Just repair every one of them.