Yearly report Assignment 2

download monthly reports is working fine till completion of first vendor id ( jan to dec) but in 2nd iteration( 2 vendor id) it stucked at click activity for “save” at the time of downloading monthly report.

Click ‘BUTTON buttonDownload’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Invoke Workflow File: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

i tried select item,click text,click ,click image with combination of wait for ready =NONE and checked simulate click. no LUCK.

plz help.

getTaxVendorID.xaml (40.5 KB)

@harshbansal0701 can you take out Type into Activity for TaxID and Select Item Year 2018 above the Months loop. Since they are the same for all months. And try again.

i tried as per your solution but no LUCK.
Could you please suggest something else?


Please find the attached workflow.

System1_CreateYearlyReport (1).xaml (30.2 KB)

hello I am Milan

I have a question regarding this create yearly report file . I have created and after April month it is working very slowly can you tell me the reason why.


Goto properties of that activity and change the wait for ready property from Interactive to None. Then it will work fast.

Ya it worked thanks a lot for the help.