Assignment 2 -System1_CreateYearlyReport not working after 5 months download,after that save as not working

Hi , I am facing weird problem ,when i run program in run mode ,it got stuck in create_yearlyReport after successfully saving monthly report for 5-6 months… Looks like some error or popup creating this issue .I guess this issue come when report not found twice consecutively

I have attached yearlyReport.xml,pleas[System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml|attachment](upload://1NP5e79L8z7rpt0MFFTb8BUCEn

2.xaml) (30.4 KB) e let me know where its the issue

@Lahiru.Fernando can you help me here

today i noticed after successfully download 5 months reports ,suddenly save as is not working, any idea why this is happening. I am using IE browser