Yearly report assignment - mysterious problem *.*

So here is the steps i can perform atm:

  1. Put my transactions to Queues in Dispatcher
  2. Fetch transactions with Performer

This is inside a loop that goes first through all TaxID’s i have then all the months to download the monthly report:
3. Navigate to → Reports - Download Monthly Report
4. Input Vendor TaxID, Month and Year
5. Download and save

And now im done with downloading 1 monthly report for 1 TaxID so it is going back to download the next monthly report in line (e.g Januar → Februar) and then it takes like 30sec to click on the dropdown-boxes(marked as red):

Anyone knows why it somehow slows down the process like 10xtimes slower than the first run whenever it is done with the first item in the loop?

Here is my workflow:
System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (34.5 KB)

Hi @Ibra -

See this


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Ok, i have been changing all the “WaitForReady” properties to “None” and all the other suggested ideas and it seems to have worked for almost everything beside the selecting the “Month”. It still takes around 30-60sec to select the next Month in line.

Here is my updated workflow after looking at that thread you linked:
System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (39.5 KB)

DId i miss something?

@Ibra instead of click text activity, use click activity and change the selectors

It did not click when using a normal click activity:

Here is my debugging output panel:

EDIT: Nevermind - i fixed it from click text to normal click. BUT! It is still slow!!!

FIXED by changing from Click text to Click activity and changing to StimulateClick, WaitForReady=NONE :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!

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