Assignment 2 Generate Yearly Report Walk-through Problem in Create Yearly Report Workflow


I get an error in Create Yearly Report Workflow after download the yearly report and read “.csv” file it showing error on that kindly help me out of this find the error Screenshot and XAML file., Thanks in advance

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (25.6 KB)

Hi @Aravind,
I think you read the csv before the downloading completed.So you must ensure the download is completed or not.



Hai @balupad14,

I tried with delay activity but its not working can u find a solution for that

I would suggest verifying that the file is being downloaded to that location. And if it is, watch for how long it takes to download if it’s a timing issue. (Using a Retry Scope with a File Exists activity in the condition is a good way to wait for files to exist).

Verify these things manually first to rule out coding mistakes.


Thanks for the reply @ClaytonM I had rectified the issue by using delay activity before reading csv activity and I skipped element exists for download notification it’s working fine now.,