Assignment 2 - Level 3: For each loop Create yearly report very slow when connected to Orchestrator

Dear all,

I’m currently in the final phase of Assignment 2 of Level 3. I however have run into the following issue and was wondering if anyone else also has: When testing the Performer robot disconnected from Orchestrator, it loops perfectly as expected in the ‘For each month’ loop in the ‘Create yearly report’ sequence (process state). However, when I connect the robot to Orchestrator (which is required to test the whole assignment: running Dispatcher first, uploading queue items and getting them back with the Performer robot and process them), it hangs for quite some time (at least 4 minutes at each month) to proceed with the next month in the array of strings Months.

More details:
When the report for a specific month does not exists, it closes the message box of ACME site and loops quickly to the next month as expected. This issue happens when the report does exists. It then goes through the download sequence efficiently up to and including the point where the download notification completed (Internet Explorer) appears and it closes it. After this point it takes unreasonable amount of time to proceed with the next month.

This was successfully tested multiple times disconnected from Orchestrator with default input arguments for one TaxID. It then loops quickly through the months as expected.

Has anyone run into the same issue and found a solution?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @KLampe
other people including myself had this problem before, the answer was to

  • “Save As” > Attach as a “Window” Inner window, no as a “Browser”.

  • “On Element Appear” >> “RepeatForEver” == False && “WaitVisible” == True

  • Click Activity change the property Wait for ready to None

I found the last one to be more helpful when I was working on.

you can check more details there is already a question on this with a lot of answers

Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Assignment 2 / Slow Performance - #8 by ovi

hope this helps :smile:

do these changes

  1. Simulate Click
  2. Simulate Type
  3. WaitforRead to None

in every activity inside the month loop

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Thank you @reda and @Vidwa .

The Wait for Ready to None seemed to be a crucial one, indeed. I however incorporated your other suggestions @reda and those of @Vidwa as well. After combining these, the frameworks were tested successfully and graded positively.

Thanks again @reda and @Vidwa!


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