Module 3 Assignment 2 / Unit Works Process Dont

Hi there, I have an issue on Module 3 Assignemt 2. When I test my Unit for CreateYearlyReport it runs through without any problems. But when I start the whole Performer Process it gets stuck on clicking the Month Button for Dropdown. I already have tried a lot… Strang thing is that it was already running through, then I did some optmizing, ok I really did…, and on the other unit it was not working anymore, unless I did not change anything on CreateYearlyReport, cause it was Running already…

So Unit works, but the whole Performer Process not…why?

Heres my selector:

html title=‘ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report’ /><webctrl idx=‘1’ aaname=’"+item.ToString+"’ parentid=‘searchForm’ tag=‘SPAN’

this one works great in Unit…

Hi @J_D,

when you say stuck, is an error thrown or is the process just haning?
If so could you check if you have the property wait for ready complete set to “complete” or “interactive” and if so please try setting it to none and check if this works.
There are sometimes problems when the application itself is not “telling” UiPath that the control is ready.

Hi J_D

Please try the below selector,must be in " "


Thx, that WaitForReady None helped. So now its running all the way through, supposed to…its stuck by december and wont go through to next workflow…???

@tshedzamclay: I will try your selector too…,.

You can try to debug using another Tax ID and see if it will pass

Might be that the next steps also requires a wait for ready “none” - do you have a click as the next action?

After December according to the process it must update the Yearly Report which happens in the background then it must go and upload the yearly report

Yeah a Click, it helped to remove the Default Values for Debugging Purposes. It went through several Queueitems succesfully except the last of 8… Will try with WaitForReady None on the next Workflow, which is a Attach Browser, same site click “home” … I understand that creating the yearly report could take some time… I will dispatch n perform … wait.

Can you screenshot the error that you are getting, and please note that there are some months without reports so when the pop up show up have to click the OK button then it will continue to the next month, you might find that only 5 months have reports.

Hey, Problem solved: changed all the relative selector Elements to WaitForReady: None, and removed default testing values, also in different workflows but same browserscope i changed the WaitForReady: None…so now its running as expected, thx a lot for ur fast support. Greetz.


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