Assignment 2 - Yearly Vendor Report Save button click taking very long

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help. I am in process of completing Assignment 2 under Advanced level. I dont know why but robot is taking very long time before clicking on save button as part of downloading monthly report. Please see screenshot to clarify what I refer to.

Also while looking at output, I have a feeling that system is taking time to look at if “Element Exists” or not prior to this step. Please see screenshot.

Any thoughts on what can be done to improve. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



For that Click activity, check SimulateType and also set Complete to WaitForReady in properties and then try once.


Thanks @lakshman

I tried but that doesnt help. I think the problem is with “element exists”. Its taking forever to find the image/element. Is there a way for robot to be able to find element fast.

Also, I have another issue and wondering if you can share some insights. I used dispatcher to load transactions into Orchestrator queue. they are loaded but they are not highlighted on the main page. It all shows 0. Do you know why that may be and if I should try to fix it. Otherwise, its picking queue items without any issues.


Just an update, I managed to change timeout and that helped moving things faster. Re Queue item, I understand that it may not show new items under header (screenshot in previous message) but it starts to show when items are processed so all good now :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding



My Dispatcher is running fine without any issues now. I am using orchestrator queues but i am not able any items in queue as shown in your screenshot its all 0. When I am running Performer, it says there are no items to process. How can I check that the items are even getting uploaded in queue by Dispatcher as queue is showing nothing? Please help. @gkukreja @lakshman

Hi, can you please describe how you made it to click faster? I tried changing timeout/waitforready and clicksimulation, all these properties and it is still taking 20ish seconds to click on save.

@moezeidan_alfalak, apologies for late response. Hope you got it sorted already. Just in case not, please see below the properties highlighted. Hope this helps.


@gkukreja Thanks for your response, but it turned out to be another issue, I have an element exists activity checking if the popup window is available or not, if it is not, the studio is taking up the full 30 seconds timeout to proceed to saving, i tried changing the property but that did not help.

I am guessing with the studio’s new version 19.10.3 using the .settings folder, it is is taking over and overwriting whatever i assign the timeout value to be and using the one written in the .settings folder. I raised this as a bug, not sure if it is like this with everyone or just me.

@moezeidan_alfalak, I think I had that issue as well last year. That was mainly due to the fact that more than 1 month didn’t have reports found. I am not sure if something was wrong with UI element there. Someone advised to use element exists again to pass that through. Hope I didn’t misunderstand what you refer to. Anyway, see below workflow if this may help.