Generate Yearly Report: Slow Robot

Hi everyone,

I have followed the necessary steps for the ‘Generate Yearly Report’ assignment on UiPath Academy’s Advanced RPA Developer track. The first transaction element works fine and it takes roughly 3 minutes to be processed, but as soon as the robot switches to the second transaction item, each and every activity is very slow to be executed. For example, it will take 2 minutes for the robot to click something, then 2 other minutes to type something, etc… I have cleared the cache for Internet Explorer, but the same issue happens again.

Has anyone encountered this before? Can it be due to internet explorer? The ACME web app? The UiPath Robot? The automated workflow itself?

Thanks for letting me know! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

After setting all click and type activities to WaitForReady.None and fine-tuning some selectors (after the first transaction item, the selectors are not the same in my case), the issue has been solved. Hope this helps anyone else facing the same problem!

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