Assignment 2 Level 3 failed and I don’t know the reason for failure



I have uploaded my assignment 3 times but every time got 0/100 score with Total Items: 19 Completed Items: 19 Correct Items: 0.

Sample comment added: Uploaded with ID 92265f2a4f023a981a453c91770a5fe4

I am not able to understand the issue.

Please help me in this.



Can you please share SHA key and corresponding SHA input?


I’m having exactly the same issue…


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I just passed the assignment with 100/100. The issue was that I had some unnecessary empty spaces within my Hash formula… after I fixed that, I started the process once again with refreshed work items and after that resubmitted.



Actually, I am asking about assignment 2 Generate Yearly Report.



hey @Supriya there might be a problem with your yearly report name.


Following is my yearly report name:Yearly-Report-2018-DE325476.xlsx

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But my yearly report contains 2017 year data.What is the issue then?

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what does it mean ?


I don’t understand the issue? Actually my yearly report of 2018 contains data of 2017 in it.

I have uploaded the yearly report of one tax id.



have you downloaded monthly reports of 2018 ?


Yes I have.But after merging data into yearly report the monthly report file get deleted.


Check whether your upload yearly report name is correct or wrong and the Uploaded ID as well


I have checked it .It is correct.
Sample report name: Yearly-Report-2018-DE325476.xlsx
Sample comment added: Uploaded with ID 92265f2a4f023a981a453c91770a5fe4



its different from vendor to vendor


correct.I know that .


I dont understand the issue.
Can you please help me in this?



Have you tried to change file name like Yearly-Report-2017-DE325476.xlsx?


Hello! I’m having the same problem.Do you have a resolution?


may be your input contains some spaces.
use trim function to remove extra spaces