Unable to clear Advanced training Assignment 2

I am unable to clear the assignment even after 5 attempts. I have completed all the below requirements as per the evaluation criteria.
The criteria for a correct processed item is based on the instructions in the provided PDD and is the following:

  • Status Completed

  • Filename that was uploaded = “Yearly-Report-2017-[TaxID].xlsx” (Exact filename)

  • Yearly report contains all available monthly report information (merged file)

  • comment contains the correct Upload ID

I only have doubt on “- Yearly report contains all available monthly report information (merged file)” - how this part is evaluated? i have simply merged all the data from all the months for each tax id. Below is the sample yearly report.

What could be the issue? Please someone suggest.

I have noticed one more point here. When i download the monthly report i select the year 2108 (as its the previous year)

But the downloaded file contains data for year 2017. You can see the previous yearly report screenshot.
After merging I’m uploading yearly report with file name containing “2018”
Example : Yearly-Report-2018-DE325476.xlsx

Should I upload with file name “2017”?

Can someone help me on this?

I found the issue. the Taxid I entered had a Extra space. Trimmed the text and it fixed the issue. Thats everyone for your support.

The Year i entered is also “2018” in the file name

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