How do I know which test case I am wrong with Level 3 Assignment no. 2

When I work Level 3 - Advanced Training
In the recording document
“- Filename that was uploaded =” Yearly-Report-2017- [TaxID] .xlsx “(Exact filename)”
But now is 2019, I think it should be

  • Filename that was uploaded = “Yearly-Report-2018- [TaxID] .xlsx” (Exact filename)
    When I submit with year is 2018 then test case fail all

    I think you should tell the tester which case you are wrong and where it is wrong instead of indicating how much fail


I submitted my assignment successfully in early Jan and used 2018 (not 2017).
Extract from Academy re criteria:
'The criteria for a correct processed item is based on the instructions in the provided PDD and is the following:
- Status Completed
- comment contains correct security hash - Pay close attention on the formula ([ClientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry] - Example: AD38755-Austin Villacorta-Italy) with no spaces between the dashes and without the brackets.’

Check that you are setting status to ‘Completed’ and that you have no spaces in the formula you use for hash values. It should look like UiPath example above.


I also submitted my assignment in early February this year… and that was with the year 2018. And it all worked fine…

You need to make sure few things are done here…

  1. The formula as @Ekat mentioned… use the formula to generate the hash code
  2. Navigate to work item update screen…
  3. Paste the hash code in comments section
  4. Update the status as completes
  5. Submit

All the records should be marked as completed by following the above steps. The evaluation actually checks how many rexords were updated sucessfully through the robot…

Once the execution is completed, check the records manually to make sure all related records are updated properly and as expected

Does it help…?

I think you are talking about
[2. Calculate Client Security Hash]
But I’m having problems with
[3. Generate Yearly Report]
This is my video

But it could not be passed test case

Yes, I have completed:
[2. Calculate Client Security Hash]
But I’m having problems with
[3. Generate Yearly Report]
And I was unable to know which test case was in error

The video seems fine - have you checked your resulting excel files (that you upload for Yearly reports)?

Actually, checking the PDD, you need to add comment like this:
“Uploaded with ID [Upload ID]” but yours is ID only at the moment

Hi… Oh I’m sorry… I was checking your issue and typing via my mobile… Due to small screen size, I must have misread it… Sorry…

Your video seems fine… and all your queue items are also completing successfully… Have you tried checking the values in the ACME-System1 under work items… You might need to check them as well… just to make sure all the records got updated to completed status in the system itself…

Can you let me know how that goes for you?

@4433fcfab58ed49a1818 I think you have some additional space character in front/back of TaxID(Vendor ID) when you type into in monthly report page.

Can you please Trim that Vendor/TaxID to remove extra spaces front/back before entering to Monthly report page.

I feel each vendorID should have at least one monthly report for year 2018.

That may be the cause of your evaluation.

Oh, thanks you.
I passed that challenge

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Did you please help me to get the assignment clear for me I will do all the things correct but I submitted the workflows it will wrong