Generate yearly report uipath academy

the robot is doing everything they’re asking for but i get 0/100 and i don’t know why. Can someone please tell me what i do wrong or what should i do to pass this part?

Hi @diana1

have you let the robot finish all the items?
have you reset the data before you upload the process?

yes, and i also counted the items and i checked the uploadid to be correct and it is .
i have reset the data before running the dispatcher

can you show how you are getting the upload id once you upload the yearly report?


  1. show a screen of any 1 completed work item.
  2. what is the status of all your queue items?
  3. are all your items marked completed?
  4. what is the naming convention of your yearly report (paste one name here)

all of them are marked as completed

Can you manually mark all wi5 items to completed and submit your assignment again and see?

that is the second assignment and it worked because i passed that part

or you mean instead of WI4 to write WI5?

thats understood, but can you try that option? you can manually do it.
Reason being, in a similar thread the resolution was this, when did not find any issue.

no, just manually mark them complete, no need for doing anything like hashcode etc just status.

i uploaded it and got 0/100. i should have only WI5 or both of them?

One which is already done wi4
and wi5 just manually completed.

If you have done the above and it still did not work. Give me a moment, let me see.

i uploaded with both, the WI4 and WI5, and it didn’t work

can you open a wi4 and show what you have added inside?

that’s the code after saving all the excel files after month

Im not sure if it can be any issue but is your ‘Uploaded with ID’ and IDvalue in different lines?