Assignment 2. Dispatcher process issue

Hi everyone!

Can anybody tell me is it ok if my Dispatcher runs Process Transaction for every Transaction number, extracts the same data from pages in System1? As result I have too many transactions in my Orchestrator queue.

Maybe I’ve missed some condition…

Please find screenshots below.
*I stopped process on 4th transaction.


Waiting for your help.
Thank you!

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Actually you need to process only WI4.
This may me less or or more depending upon your current test data.

However if your dispatcher is sending all the items then you have missed adding the filter condition before the ‘Add Queue Item’ where you are taking only open WI4


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You mean this filter in Process?

I think maybe something wrong in Set Transaction Status…
What kind of screenshots can I attach to make it clearer?

Zip your project and IM it to me. :slight_smile:Ill debug and see if i can figure out the issue.

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