Dispatcher - The assignment 2 - Level 3: Advanced training - RPA Developer

I’m doing the assignment 2 (level 3: advanced training - RPA developer). My program run but I still dont have the data on the orchestrator (queue).

This is my output:

can you check your monitor queue in ur orchestrator queue? orchestrator queue takes a while to display ur items

@MythicGold Can you show me how to check it?

queue > 3 dots beside ur queue > monitor queue

@MythicGold All is NO and N/A :frowning:


Could you please show me screenshot of your Orchestrator Queue and need to check once.


Hope you you used same QueueName in your Workflow.

Click on that 3 dots icon in your Orchestrator Queue name and Check whether it contains any TransactionItems or not. And also once relogin into Orchestrator and check it.

I checked but I still dont find the error. :frowning:
Could you please take a moment to look?
Assignment2_Dispatcher.zip (504.2 KB)

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Hi @havi , When I execute my project, robot is stuck at page 1 and couldn’t navigate to all the pages. Moreover, execution completes with the message as “Process finished due to no more transactions”. What could be the issue here? Could you please assist? Thanks in advance.

Do you forget to navigate to page 2 when performing the “Element Appear” activity?

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@havi No. I have navigate to page 2 in On Element Appear activity. Below is the output:

Hi @havi Could you please share me your performer workflow?

@Shah I shared in the above comment

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@havi That’s the dispatcher. Could you share the performer as well?

@Shah Sharing is not allowed. But if you really need, send me your email

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Thanks so much. I have already cleared it. @havi

Hi @havi,
Your dispatcher is okay for me. I tested it in the orchestrator and the queue was populated.
Check if there are Work items with “Type = WI4 and Status = Open”,
Maybe you just need to reset work items data.

oh yes, I did that, I passed the assignment 2

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hi havi,

Can you please elaborate the orchestrator setting for assignment 2? As I am new i orchestrator, I can’t understand the setting.