Process finished due to No More Transactions

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While executing dispatcher of Generate yearly report assignment, execution is getting completed with the message as “Process finished due to No More Transactions” however it is not processing any of the transactions on the acme site. What would be the issue?
Attached is the dispatcher workflow::
Dispatcher Oct_16 (651.0 KB)

Below is the output:

Correct output should be this:


All of the WI4 items have been processed, so it doesn’t have any items to work with.

Try resetting your test data on the ACME website, and clearing your queue on Orchestrator (I deleted my queue and made a new one).

Once you’ve reset the test data, run your Dispatcher workflow and check that the first item in the queue is the same WIID as the first WI4 item in the System1 table.

I hope this works for you :slight_smile:

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Hi @william.coulson I’ve reset the data on acme. Still observing same issue.

Can you check if it is retrieving the data correctly from the excel or acme site before adding to transactions or whether you are retrieving the transactions perfectly from orchestrator? @Shah

It is not picking the values I guess

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Did you match up the first WIID in the queue to the first WI4 ID in the System1 table? I used a write range to help find the WIIDs.

Check your config file, double check and make sure you’ve used the same name for your queue as you did in the config.

You could use write lines/message boxes to make sure values are being picked up, did you want me to attach my workflows so you can take a look at them?

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@william.coulson Sure. I’ll try that. It would be quite helpful if you could share the workflow.

Hello Beautiful People.

I had this same issue. I found that in my SetTransactionStatus the queue name was wrong for the SetTransactionItem. Double check that it matches the one in your config file.

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I retried and found that the first WIID in orchestrator queue is the second WIID on the acme site. It skipped the first WIID of the acme site. @william.coulson

@BotMonkey Hi Joseph, I’m not using SetTransactionStatus in my workflow. It is empty.