Level 3 - Assignment 2 - Not able to navigate through workitems pages. Struck in page 1 itself

Created the Dispatcher filer. I followed the same steps mentioned in the pdf. I tried 3 times. Still struck in the same stage itself.
While i debug or run the file, file run and closed and in the output - it says “Process finished due to no more transactions data”
Can anyone please help me.
BTW i tried to upload my xaml file here for your reference but not able to do so
Thanks in advance

Okey, I hope that is be the answer that need, when you dispatcher say this is probably you need to reset the Queue into the Orchestrator, because the reason is the next:

If you in the capture I have the all the transaction in successful, you need to see the first status that is “NEW”, because the dispatcher is the first stage to generate the yearly report, the dispatcher only search all the item I don’t remember, but I believe the value with the type"WI4", all of this items are transactions, and the dispatcher count all the transactions under of this conditions ( “WI4”). Now you need to know how many transaction need dispatcher for doing the loop, you to check in acme the next:

This table is in “CHECK TRAINING ASSIGNMENTS” :slight_smile:

Apart into the Orchestrator, you need delete “InHouse_Process4” and create this process again, because in so many moments maybe you did the transactions and dispatcher recognize that don’t have any activity to do, because all of your transaction are register, after to delete and create the same Queue rerun the dispatcher and remember also that you need to reset also the acme platform (Into user options → “RESET TEST DATA” ) each moment because in the second part of this ASIGNMENT 3 you need to do all the process complete together with the Performer activity. However, if this one not is your problem you need to check files as" PROCESS" or “InitialAllAplication”. I hope that it’s your problem.

Thanks for all your inputs. I’ll take all your suggestions and will try it once again and will let you know the results