Assignment 1 - Value Cannot Be Null Error

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Mayur here! I am currently working on assignment 1 - Hash Code. I have been stuck on this for a while now. When I run the get transaction data program it gives me an error as below:

I read a couple of topics in this regards and I think that I am missing to assign a value to the out_WIList in the get transactions argument. Can anyone please assist how to go forward with this.

I revisited my Extract Work-Items sequence and tested to see if I get the correct out_WIList and I do get it right.

Attaching my project for easy reference.Project (2.7 MB)


In your workflow, value of “Out_WIList” from “System1\ExtractWorkFiles.xaml” is not passing anywhere.
Please create a variable “WIList” in the main sequence with type- “array of DataRow”, with a larger scope.
Import the ‘Out_WiList’ argument from “System1\ExtractWorkFiles.xaml” and assign the value as “WiList”.
Do the same in “GetTransactionData” workflow.

*For easy accessibility, try to name the argument with a prefix same as it’s direction.
It would be better if you rename “out_WIList” to “in_WIList” inside the GetTransactionData workflow, as the value is passing into it.:grinning:

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Thank you Nimin. Seems to work. Cheers!!

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Hi Mayur,
Happy to hear that your problem is solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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