Assignment 1 : Process.xaml Error - Process Transaction: The given key was not present in the dictionary

Hi, I am sure this is a silly mistake - but I am not able to figure this out. The process is running till Process.xaml file and I am getting attached error here. What am I doing wrong ? !


You didn’t declare some value which is in Config file, or you declared the config file value which is not present in config file, check and correct that


Can you quickly have a look for any obvious error ?

Config.xlsx (21.0 KB)

Its look fine,

Can you show the error in debug mode output window?


Either I get this error - or key was not present error…

Are you passing any arguments? May be one of the argument is returning null error or invalid

I am passing these arguments which are invoked in Main

@RUmak Is this calculate client security hash assignment?

No the first one - Framework exercise

Hi @RUmak,

Can you send a screenshot with flowchart open. Cause this error will be initiated if you are invoking any workflows inside of Flowchart and have not send arguments properly.


  1. I think the error you get while debugging is because , the debug is run only on the Process.xaml. Try to debug from the main file.
  2. In the config.xlsx I see UiDemoPath in both the Setting and Assets sheets. Please remove one of them and try again.

I am not invoking anything inside of process flowchart

if possible share the project folder


Main.xaml (50.0 KB)


Need entire project folder, as you are using RE-Framework (2.3 MB)

@Srini84 Here you go…

I got this sorted. I started new file from the scratch and everything worked well. Thank you all for your support.

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