Error in get transaction data .xaml file

Hello Everyone ,

I am getting bolow when running the main file for Advanced developer training - assignment 1 .
The error occurs when Get Transaction Data.xaml file is executed.
Attached screen shot .

Could anyone of you help me guyz .

Thanks in advance

@kavsanu you might missed assigned arguments or Data might be null. Please check those things and also please don’t post one topic many times.

Hi Manju ,

I had created this topic under RPA advanced by mistake where i dont have access . Hence i had to recreate it .

Attached is the workflow of my get trasaction data GetTransactionData.xaml (8.7 KB)

Hello Karthik ,

I did that .
Attached screen shot
I still get the same error

Sorry, you have to assign the out_TransctionItem as you did earlier.
But I guess there is some other error. I will check your workflow and will get back to you.

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Okay . Attached is my complete file .

Thanks so much for your help

Advanced level (3.4 MB)

Could anyone help me out here … Please

Thank you Karthik for all the help you did for me on this issue .

@kavsanu U have missed many arguments while invoking the workflows.


Yes , I understood that .

I have corrected and now I am able to pass through the workflow and move to the next step ( Process.xaml ) file .

I am now facing another issue . I will come back again doing some investigation .

Thanks so much for your input .


@kavsanu It’s okay no problem.

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